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Published: 18th November 2011
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Selected was the Dell Latitude E6420, HP EliteBook 8460p and the Lenovo ThinkPad T420 (former IBM). A few years ago I would have chosen Fujistu Lifebook S series and maybe even Toshiba would fit. Some perhaps will ask now that the Asus, Samsung, Acer, because these are, after all, a series of business notebooks. The answer to this is simple:It does not matter how manufacturer names its products, the essence remains unchanged. Business class is one of the most important features of stability, so these manufacturers can not guarantee it. For example, if the weight is small and looks good, but the body is like a meat jelly, then unfortunately there is nothing left 2 years later.
Computers as we tried to find the same configuration and price, HP's got much more expensive, unfortunately.
Factory Information
Sandy Bridge processors are all computers based on Intel technology, the latest version: i7-2620 3.4GHz processors with two cores and 4MB 35W cachet. Dell's got a i7-2720 3.3GHz 4 core, 6MB and 45W max power consumption processor. The manufacturer of processors involved in the comparison test can be found here But as mentioned, the speed test results did not influence the final assessment, as well as provide a faster processor, and HP Lenovo.
RAM memory, which all have DDR3. MHz, the table was not going to bring, as well as all producers have the same model vary. In addition, the memory speed is not noticeable from a small difference in the work.
The screen is all 14.0 "1600x900 LED. But you should not forget that in 9 cases out of 10 have a higher resolution screen for better image than a smaller one, ie choosing 1280x800 screen picture is probably worse. Also, use a different region and keeping the same exactly the same patterns different types of screens. This time, though Dell was noticeably better screen, but the second half of the year, after commissioning the factory configuration of a computer can get the same third-party panel, and the picture is just a second.
Video card was a Dell and Lenovo nVidia NVS 4200, which was supported by the Intel 3000 graphics card at times when speed is needed, and it is essential to use a quiet computer, and a long battery time. HP uses AMD's ATI 6470M-i. However, it should be noted that business laptop for 5500 points in 3D Mark 2006 performance, until a few years ago aspired to the top playing laptops.
The hard drive is also the thing that all of the same type may be different on your computer, and a 160GB HDD is generally a weaker result, the 500GB. The difference is particularly well observed, in comparison to SSD.
Weight has been taken from manufacturer's data. As you can see, is a manufacturer of gravity + /-500g-face lie to the consumer, it's a hidden "from ..." want, or you will be considered for any additional PC cards, etc will be the smallest of the battery.
Battery weight and capacity indicates the battery is effectively done. Wh shows that when the computer to 1W per hour, you should 55Wh battery in 55 hours, tested that was consumed by computers minimaalseimalt 8-12W, while the full power of the processor, Dell is able to consume only 45W.
Depth, width, thickness as well as the manufacturer's data. They measured the above, the manufacturer is lying in that spot a little bit, but the difference between just a few mm.
USB3 onedasiarendus USB2-ie, after the ~ 10x faster (ie about 300MB/s to be helpful, such as copying movies to 1080p and 3D).
Powered by e-SATA is an interface that is present on all hard drives, only to have e-SATA hard drives and separate power cords.
DisplayPort is designed for an image from your computer monitor into a TV or projector to send, it allows for better quality and higher resolution than HDMI.
Audio line-out Dell and Lenovo have been one of the slot. This means that the microphone-headphones were the two pre-wired, but now they must exchange a circle. However, the fewer wires the better.
Production of the market, the computer shows the first time, business-class models, the CA1-year life cycle - when it is completed, the new model.
Links from the manufacturer takes the data on your computer.
Weight. Meiemõõtsime weight removed from the computers, because computers can buy a business class 4, 6 and 9celliste batteries. Used the kitchen as a measurement of weight (+ 5gr).
Chargers, most manufacturers have two versions of 14 "laptops - 65W and 90W, goes lower than Intel's more powerful video card and Nvidia / ATI video card.
Perfomance index shows Windows 7 to Windows built-in test results - processor, memory, graphics, games and hard drive. This is not exactly the most accurate test, however, gives an overview, especially in older models for comparison.
Speed games. 3D Mark 2006 is a program for testing graphics cards. Laptops achieve top-class gamers in more than 20 000 points, while 17 "and weigh 5kg +. More details on the test table 3d brands can be found here

3D brand of heat at the end. Computer heat before the end of the test, all the laptops had been on the table before starting the test at least 1 hour. The results measured the center of the keyboard and the left-paremaltpoolt Palmre and bottom of the same locations.
The sound quality of audio shows from a distance of 30cm, sitting at the computer. Table is from the sound of our opinion. Pulled down the score as always, the speakers were located under the front panel of the computer. In this case, the sound is reflected off the table and is distorted
The sound from 2 meter to measure the sound turned up and listened to 90% at a distance, imitating such a meeting or presentation, music and friends.
We tested the strength of the structure housing the computer and it twisted the arms of the strong force. This test would probably be a lot of non-business class easily broken.
Screen resistance test twisted my screen from different angles, as well as tested the LCD panel and cover the distance between the pressure imitating after the withdrawal.
The cover material is a metal from any computer, Lenovo is pelae plus you put a layer of rubber. It also has a metal frame with slats of all business-class manufacturers long been inside, even when placed onto the plastic, and plastic at first glance seems to be a computer.
Palmrest material significance will emerge over time, namely the plastic will take a smooth and begins to shine, metal generally does not change its appearance.
The screen is a confirmation of assistance to transport your laptop. Laying on the car passenger's seat cheaper laptops will bray, while he himself spending ugly. It is also convenient to go to the proper approval and closing.
Drain the fluid will greatly benefit if someone something other than laptop drives and there is a rule, the more holes the better.
Closed computer dust cover is a small strip of rubber in recent models of the screen, which prevents the dust between the keyboard to get into.
Rubber feet must be such as to remain firmly under the floor to hold the computer firmly attached to the table.
HDD padding is the padding around the physical hard drive that can shock your computer to save the data.
Tested by pressing the buttons on the keyboard keys move.
Quick typing keyboard buttons klõbinat tested.
The screen of the straight and looked at from different angles.
Wi-Fi mark catching was the largest and strongest most wireless broadcast networks have found a computer.
HDD full when new liitsime and subtraction, a lot of factory partitions, windows and the software supplied by the manufacturer shall take a new computer room.
Battery life 100% -> 5% of the computer loaded the battery fully charged, I turned to a dark screen brightness, wifi and bluetooth off maxbattery setting. As the batteries were brand new, the result after 4-5 charging ~ 5% increase.
3DMark tests measured the noise in the middle of the computer side (at the openings in the fan), and sitting down, above the ears. The normal operation of computers is much smaller and should have gone to measure the sound-proof room.
Our winner, this time turned out to be Lenovo T420. The second place was the HP 8460p and the third place must accepted by Dell E6420.
Lenovo earned first place because of the low weight, good battery life, low noise and the appearance of a solid.Dell was the last because the weight is big, ugly, and many believe that the appearance of large dimensions. HP remained in first place on a better price and lighter weight.
However, it must be recognized that if we were confident at the start of the test, the Dell, and forlornly fails will fight for first place in the HP and Lenovo, Dell showed the test had identified several positive aspects for the choice was a difficult and contentious pikke. In fact, all three models tested that was a very good computers.
However, do not believe that the ancient headlines Dell's supporters would now buy a Lenovo, but perhaps there is some hesitancy present, acquire new business-class model to test the person making the choice easier.
Dell ja HP läptopid

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